The beginning of February 2012 sees the launch of the UK Venue Show at London Olympia, to run alongside the Event Production Show. This will open the trade show season for the event sector and will centre on the Great British venue with exhibitors from both the capital and the counties lined up.

The show will offer a forum for buyers and decision makers of corporate events and product launches as well as seasonal parties and smaller meetings. London landmarks, independent properties and exhibition centres will be in place. This will give Individuals and corporate event management teams the opportunity to network and source the best venues for themselves or their clients.

Tanya Cohen, Event Director, UK Venue Show said: “The show is shaping up well and should be a benchmark for others as we lead in the trade show season. Our central London base and focused approach to our exhibitors has helped us fill a gap in the market that venues are keen to get involved with.”

Sourcing a venue is key to corporate event management, it’s important to pay regular visits to new and existing sites and stay up to date with how they’re looking and performing. Keeping up to date with information on venues such as improvements, refurbishments and any other changes which may affect the suitability is a key consideration in corporate event management.

The UK Venue show gives you the opportunity to arrange visits, network or negotiate with existing and new contacts in order to source the perfect venue for your client.

Choosing the right venue is crucial for the success of your event. There may be some key questions to ask yourselves regarding the timing and geographical location.

Timing: When will your event take place?

• Is the weather beneficial to the time of year for the event?

• Is this time of year most convenient for colleagues to attend?

• Which of the venues will have the appropriate space available at the time?

• When is the best time for your corporate event management team to hold the event?

Location: Where will the even take place?

• Consider geographical region, logistics and costs. Will it be convenient for your company and others?

• Is the venue appropriate for other recreational activities you’d like to have available?

• Is the space the right size for your group? Atmosphere is important.

• What would appeal to your attendees?

• Can the venue accommodate your event production, entertainment, A/V, sound and technical needs?

• Always conduct a site inspection.

Calculate your Budget:

• With an unlimited budget, anyone can plan a great event. But your financial resources are likely to be limited. The challenge is to plan a great event within a reasonable budget.

• Do the venues fall within your budget parameters for space, technical and catering expenses?

Using an experienced venue sourcing team can be very beneficial for your event. Along with sourcing your venue, the corporate management team can also negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the best venue in terms of price, suitability and terms and conditions.

Daniel writes about a wide range of topical issues relevant to the event management industry. For more information please visit venue finders
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In staying competitive in global market, people need to have the right knowledge in accessing the correct information in order to be effective and highly innovative. It is scalable and flexible class storage solutions for the demanding world of data and information systems. Since IBM is the world leader in offering Cisco, Brocade and McDATA services, it is also considered as a great inventor of world class IBM SAN storage. This product provides high performance in Fiber Channel Connectivity which is a requirement in connecting the storage systems and servers in campuses, local establishments and global infrastructures. IBM's unmatched expertise have an extensive networking available worldwide which offers professional services in terms of different computer and networking issues.

It helps in simplifying infrastructures. It also ensures that the business goals of an organization are met in a decent amount of time. IBM SAN storage manages all the business data from its conception until its disposal while ensuring the lowest costs every time the data is being accessed and optimized. Companies and even small establishments are looking for a better solution in efficiently managing the volumes of information. That's why IBM has decided to create the SAN storage or the Storage Area Network. This is the leading infrastructure for global economy and it offers simple storage management as well as improved accessing of data, backups and movements.

The primary purpose of this product is the transfer of data between storage elements and computer systems. To put in simple and elaborated terms, IBM SAN storage is a high speed and specialized network attaching storage devices and servers. It is often referred to as the network behind the operation of the servers. It introduces networking flexibility and enables a single or multi servers to connect to an individual storage and share this common utility. It is also viewed as the extension of a storage bus concept that enables the storages and servers to be interconnected by using similar elements such as local area network or wide area network.

IBM system storage is the best solution that helps in simplifying and automating IT operations in order to focus in a company's business needs rather than managing the infrastructure. An entrepreneur or businessman can keep the business running with permanent and easy access to data and information using IBM SAN storage. Recently, IBM has evolved their storage products to bigger capacities and more secure data storage making it more popular to businesses and people who need to protect their files and documents.
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