I am still looking for a good affordable 28 gauge shotgun that can be used for sporting clays and quail hunting. I have looked at all the options, especially the brownings. I can purchase them at about wholesale cost. This week while teaching a course called instinctive shooting, a client showed up with a Ruger Red Label 28 gauge with .410 tubes. After the class I asked the client if I could shoot a round of skeet with his firearm and quickly ran the field with a new box of Winchester HS loads. It had the shorter 26-inch barrel that normally I do not care for. It was a joy to shoot. The client informed me that he taken this 28 to Argentina dove shooting for the last 5 years and it has never failed him. He also has a Browning Citori lightning in 28 that he also likes. However the Browning had mechanical problems last year and he still did not have it back from the shop. I asked him how many rounds he figures he has put through his Red Label and his answer really surprised me. He stated that his ammo bill last spring was a little over $3,000.00 or about 9000 rounds. He felt that he had shot about 42,000 rounds in the gun over the last 5 years of dove and pigeon shooting. The little 28 still looked to be in very good condition.

After listening to his dissertation, I showed him my 12 ga Red label that has more than 20,000 rounds through it. The bluing on the back of the trigger guard is long gone. I use it for the class I teach and occasionally for sporting clays. Last year after a couple of rounds of sporting clays a crack began to run from the tang down into the pistol grip. I was devastated as the wood on this particular gun was very good indeed. Reluctantly I called Ruger just before Christmas and was told to send it right after new years. So shortly there after I packaged it up and sent it off wondering if I would ever see it again. Well 13 days later it was back with new wood and new firing pins and springs. I was elated but the best part was all the work was done for free. Hey Free is good; I mean this is a 10 year old gun! So after shooting another round of skeet with the tubes removed and only dropping one bird, I am thinking that I might consider going with the Red Label. However, I will look for a gun with 28 inch barrels. I am not sure if I will spring for the 410 tubes but I might in the future. I still like the Browning but at half the price and twice the service, I am giving the Red Label a closer look.

Over the years I have seen or heard lots of negative feedback concerning the Red Label. However, I have come to realize that most shotgun shooters have lots of opinions but very little expertise when comes to choosing a firearm. I am just as bad as I sometimes read articles about firearms written by people who really have no in depth experience with that particular firearm.

Last Saturday I happen to run into the one of President’s Guides on the range and guess what he had in hand, a Ruger Red Label in 28 gauge. It had lots of field and handling marks on the receiver and wood. I asked him if he liked it, He just looked down at it shrugged his shoulders and said ” well its no longer pretty but always works” I guess that kind of says it all doesn’t it.

James Kesel, MS Bruce Point Outdoors
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One of the most important aspects of an effective marketing campaign is creativity. When you're out of marketing ideas and need a new solution, don't despair. Many marketers struggle with the concept of creativity - but then again, main don't. These individuals have developed techniques for improving their creative process.

Through many years of experience and significant portions of trial and error, I have discovered a number of techniques that help to jump start the creative process. Here are a few suggestions for getting you started:

1. Begin by searching the Internet. If you have an idea or concept or don't know where to start, spend some time surfing the Internet. Looking for book titles? Visit Amazon.com or other book related sites and do a little research. Seeing similar products in your category is a great catalyst for creative ideas.

2. Start drawing. Putting pen, marker, or crayon to paper or white board is a great way to get your thoughts going. Many creative thinkers use whiteboards excessively starting with a word in the middle of the board. Circle it and created branches that contain related ideas and circle them. You'll be surprised how quickly you can fill your whiteboard with new concepts and ideas.

3. Involve others. Anyone can have a great idea. From a marketing perspective, many new product names and even marketing concepts have come from everyday people with no formal marketing experience. Need a new product name? Ask those you work with, family, or friends. Even if you don't get the name you were looking for the experience can provide new ideas and concepts.

4. Go to your "idea" file. Keep an idea file. Each time you find an ad, web page, or email that really moves you, throw it in your idea file. Over time you'll probably fill more than one file and use it regularly to generate new ideas or identify concepts you wish to replicate. The idea file is an old concept but one that's highly effective.

5. Flip through books. Printed resources including books and magazines can be a great resource for ideas. Keep in mind that some of the best resources may be those that are outside of your industry or area of expertise.

6. Pick up the remote. Television commercials are created by some of the most intelligent and creative people in the marketing industry. Use commercials as idea generators. The best way to use commercials to generate ideas is to consider the imagery, the key messaging, and the feelings they create. Can you apply any of these elements to your product or service?

7. Go for a walk. If you're still struggling to generate that "big" idea, then go for a walk, clear your head, and refresh. Sometime taking a break is the best thing you can do for your mind. It's said that Thomas Edison, one of the world's greatest inventors took cat naps to clear his mind and improve his thinking. Give it a try!

Creative thinking is both fun and challenging. When your stuck and need something motivating, experiment, try something new, look for references that can start the ideas flowing again. Every struggles for new ideas so be prepared - know who you can talk to in order to get the ideas flowing again and have a plan. This results in more ideas and more creativity.

Michael Fleischner is an Internet marketing expert with more than 12 years of marketing experience. Visit his website at http://www.marketingscoop.com or blog at http://marketing-expert.blogspot.com.
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Retaining Natural Teeth

Today's older adults are keeping their natural teeth longer, thanks to scientific developments and increased emphasis on preventive dentistry. During the last 30 years, dentistry has leapt from the Stone Age to the Space Age with new materials, state-of-the-art treatments and computer imaging techniques that make it possible to preserve and restore youthful smiles, and repair aged or damaged facial features.

Since 1970, the number of toothless adults aged 55 to 64 has dropped by 60%, according to a recent study by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research.

Only two generations ago, most people assumed it was "natural" to lose all their teeth by age 50. Sadly, many seniors continue to believe that.

When you retain your natural teeth, you eat better, smile more, have more energy and live longer. Man may be the only animal that can live without any of his teeth, but shedding your ivories drastically compromises both the quality and length of life.

Tooth Decay

The human mouth is populated by an incredible amount of bacteria. Many of these tiny organisms are beneficial, including some that aid in digestion. Bacteria and acids are contained in your food and beverages, including the refined carbohydrates found in breads, crackers and cereals. Even if your diet contains few or no processed sugars, you are still at risk for cavities if you don't brush and floss regularly.

Given sufficient fuel, bacteria will multiply into colonies that mix with acid, food debris and saliva to form a whitish film known as plaque. Plaque is constructed by decay-causing bacteria to protect itself. Under the plaque shield, the organisms produce acid that can carve a hole through the tooth enamel and into the soft dentin. When bacteria penetrate the dentin, the infection can spread until it reaches the tooth's nerve.

You can save yourself thousands of dollars by what you do at home. Brush and floss- that doesn't sound very exciting. But wouldn't you rather spend your hard-earned money on something besides dental repair?

And do get regular dental cleaning and examinations. Don't wait until your tooth hurts. Prevention is important. Dental cavities can be prevented, or at least the risk of having them can be significantly reduced.

Some "red flags" for tooth decay include: tooth discoloration, sometimes manifesting as a brown stain; occasional sharp pain; a throbbing pain that never ceases; sensitivity to sweets or to extremes of hot and cold; a hole in the tooth; a broken filling; or a cracked tooth. Your risk of developing tooth decay depends on your genetic makeup, your mother's pre-natal health; your childhood diet and healthcare; your current diet, lifestyle and oral hygiene.

For better or worse, we must play with the cards we've been dealt. Changing your lifestyle, and implementing preventive measures can improve your "hand."

Reducing your intake of sugar-filled foods and drinks, and replacing sugar with artificial sweeteners are also good. Soda is especially harmful because it contains high concentrations of both sugar and acid. Even if you refuse to give up your Classic Coke, rinsing your mouth with water after finishing your soda helps wash away sugar and acid.

If you chew tobacco, stop. Not only does chewing tobacco contain hidden sugars, it's a great way to develop mouth cancer.

If you suffer from acid reflux, you're also a prime candidate for tooth decay because the associated acids can destroy tooth enamel. To combat the problem, rinse your mouth with water frequently and purchase over-the-counter fluoride rinses or sprays. More importantly, visit your physician to try to correct the condition.

Your best defense against decay is to enjoy a balanced and nutritious diet that is low in sugar, and limit snacks. Snacking is bad for two reasons: (1) each time you eat food that contains sugars or starches, your teeth are attacked by acids for 20 minutes or more. (2) foods eaten as part of a meal cause less harm because more saliva is released during a meal, washing food debris from the mouth and lessening the effects of acids.

Dr. Kevin Kelaher has been helping patients achieve healthy, beautiful smiles for over 30 years. Dr. Kelaher has been selected as one of "America's Top Dentists" by the Consumer Research Council of America. Visit his site at http://HighlandDentalGroup.com to find out more about his Salem MA practice.
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