Arc flash PPE, or personal protection equipment, is a vital part of many types of careers or occupations. When you are in a hazardous condition where arcing is a possibility, you will find there are labels and other warnings or danger signs to insure you are protected. Whether you get out of the area or you put on the appropriate apparel, the necessity for safety is the key. You will avoid unnecessary injury, and you will also insure your company or business is not severely fined.

Caring for your arc flash PPE is an important chore. There are a variety of methods for laundering and caring for this specialty apparel. Each manufacturer will have its own set of instructions when it comes to laundering and caring for this type of protection equipment. Following those instructions is vital and will insure the longevity and protective properties of the garment.

Did you know facial hair could have a bad effect on the life of those collared shirts? Beards, long hair, and other types of hair around the collar will rub against the collar causing a slow degradation of the basic strength of the material. This is going to make beard covers, face covers, and hair covering exceptionally important. Even one flame resistant shirt can be extremely expensive. You will want to insure you get the most out of this work wear by keeping abrasives from coming into contact with the apparel in question.

Did you know chlorine bleach is not suggested? Do you know why? Chlorine bleach will hurt the strength as well as the color of the fabric. While the flame resistant properties may not be injured directly, by a weakening in the basic material, you will discover that you lose the capabilities of your personal protection equipment. Chlorine breaks down the basic make of the fabric in question.

Do you know that industrial cleaning is not always the way to go? Sometimes, industrial laundering is the only option, but industrial cleaning of any garment is hard on the material. Home laundering is suggested if the manufacturer permits. This can be hard on your home machine, but you will get more life out of your apparel. If you do launder at home, be sure to launder these separately from your home laundry.

In addition, if you wash your own work wear, you will want to insure you use a good quality detergent. This will prevent degradation over time as well. You should always follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the care of the material in question. Each piece is unique allowing for protection and high durability and reliability. The manufacturers will know what it will take to get the most out of your arc flash PPE.

When it comes to caring for your arc flash PPE, you will discover suggestions and ideas abound. However, sometimes you need noting more than good common sense and a little bit of time. The manufacturer is the best source for knowing how to launder your garments, and you should carefully follow these suggestions. Getting more for your money starts with you and the manufacturer of the apparel in question.

Max Johnson of The Uniform Connection. Click for more Arc Flash PPE.
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