Use diversion tactics when having a panic attack. Repeat the alphabet backwards or count down from 100. Turn your favorite music on and sing along. Call a friend and chat on the phone, but don't tell then about the panic - talk about something completely unrelated to how you are feeling.

Develop a support group or at least one or two trusted people you can share your emotions with. If you can confide in someone really trustworthy, you will lessen the likelihood of a panic attack. Keeping your feelings contained with no outlet makes it more likely you will suc[censored] b to a panic attack. Talking with a friend or a counselor can help you keep the right perspective and prevent a build-up of stress or angst.

If you have had a panic attack before, it is important not to dwell on the feelings from that attack. While these attacks are admittedly unsettling, thinking about an attack can cause some people to have another one. If you are having anxiety from a panic attack, treat those thoughts the same way you would the attack itself and practice some relaxation techniques like deep breathing.

The anti[censored] tion before a panic attack can be worse than the panic attack itself, so it's important to stop what you're doing and remember that a panic attack ISN'T the end of the world! Like getting a needle or injuring your ankle, it's a temporary discomfort which passes without incident.

Get your thyroid checked if you find you're having more anxiety than usual, or you start experiencing panic attacks. A thyroid that is overactive or underactive can cause a myriad of symptoms which you would never connect to a little gland in your throat. Your doctor will be able to figure it out and prescribe you medication to help deal with it.

If you want to limit the number of panic attacks your child experiences you should choose the foods you feed them carefully. Highly processed foods can make your child's blood sugar to spike and lead to their panic attacks. Feeding your child healthy foods can help them to be as healthy as they can be and diminish their panic attacks.

To summarize, you know that one of the potential causes of panic attacks are the side effects from drug withdrawal. Use this information, along with all of the other helpful advice in this article, to help yourself or someone that you know understand panic attacks better and get a better grasp as to why they occur.

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