Consider Fujitsu Tablet PCs as real personal computers. They are able to operate in the same strata. So many tablets are toys or platforms to browse the internet on. These run Windows 7 Pro like grown up computers. They do not use some cut down operating system or lame proprietary system. When you get a Fujitsu you are swimming with the big fish.

Running a real operating system means complete compatibility with all the programs that you already know. There's no need to buy some stripped down app. Anything that you laptop or desktop runs your Fujitsu will too. All of your files can move seamlessly from one platform to another without conversion or hassle.

You can choose from two styles as well. The slate is a traditional screen-in-a-box, but the convertible option gives all the functionality of a tablet with the convenience of a full keyboard and Blu-Ray disc player. The convertibles also feature larger screens and a wider range of ports and possible peripherals. Everything is touch screen with or without a stylus.

A convertible is able to deliver much greater performance and storage capacity because of it's larger size. On both counts they are able to compete with laptops. For those who really need that extra power at their finger tips and don't mind a little extra weight and size this is the way to go. They aren't quite laptop size, and the touchscreen means no mouse to set up or annoying touchpad. If you need the performance you can afford a bag to carry it around in.

There's no reason to get something with the same functionality as your cell phone, so that's not what's on offer here. Similarly if you are looking to just watch movies, stream videos or browse the web while your favorite tunes pump through your headphones then you will likely end up with a lot of wasted potential in your hands. These machines are for the people who can't afford to not be working and connected even when they're away from their desks.

In the performance arena these machines come up in the top of most categories. They have processors that are faster (single core) than the competition, and their storage space is second to none with an SD slot for even more space.

No matter what you choose you get full wi-fi connectivity. You won't need to worry about paying massive data charges on a 3G or 4G network either. The truth is anywhere that you'll have to whip this thing out is going to have a wireless network anyway. Because the system runs Windows it will fit perfectly into your home or office network as well. You can even use all your Bluetooth gadgets and the built in webcam.

Fujitsu brings the full PC experience onto the tablet format, and they do it with solid performance and a grown up set of ports, programs and connectivity options. All of this means that they're on the high end of the price range, but if you can use all that extra power and you're looking for a business device it's well worth it.
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