Cochin, also referred to as Kochi, is a tropical paradise of waving palm trees and sandy beaches. It is located in the state of Kerala, which is a strip of coastal territory in Southern India that stretches down the Western Ghats, and reaches up to the Arabian sea.

Cochin is cleaner and calmer than many Indian tourist destinations. Actually, you would be forgiven for mistaking the feel and look of the place for a small, traditional European city. The influence of the British, Dutch and Portuguese, who all governed there at one time or another, is still noticeable in many aspects of life, such as architecture, infrastructure, language, and social attitudes.

Cochin is a religious place, and people who live there have varied ethnic backgrounds. You will find Hindus, Muslims, Jews and Christians living in harmony and celebrating all festivals with enthusiasm. All places of worship exist there (churches, mosques, temple and synagogues), and there are some really fantastic examples of them, dating back hundreds of years.

The most famous landmark in Cochin is a row of Chinese fishing nets at the mouth of the harbor leading to the Arabian sea, which is the oldest part of the city. These fishing nets are hundreds of years old, yet they are still in full operation today. As well as watching the fishermen work, you can also join in and help them if you want to. There are, of course, lots of other worthwhile sights there too, more than enough to occupy you for a week or two.

Cochin, and coastline that extends from it, has some of the best beaches in the whole of India. The coconut lined golden sands and clear blue sea, make for a really sensational and idyllic backdrop for you take in whilst you relax. The beaches are unspoilt too, as there are normally just a handful of shacks and restaurants lining the shores, meaning that you can enjoy the surroundings just as nature made them to be.

The coastal regions near Cochin inclde a network of waterways, inlets, estuaries, lakes and natural canals. This interlinked body of waterways is known as the backwaters, over 900 km of which is navigable. Traveling in traditional houseboats along these backwaters to enjoy the scenic landscape is a wonderful experience and extremely popular with tourists.

The hill stations surrounding Cochin are a perfect getaway for all those people who want to experience true bliss. The lush green hills covered with misty clouds provide the perfect environment to relax and unwind. They are covered with dense tea and spice plantations and the hill slopes provide the perfect opportunity for adventure seekers, as you can indulge in trekking, mountain climbing and other forms of adventure sports.

As for where to stay, you should consider one of the many homestays there, which provide a much needed additional source of income to local people, while also giving you an insight into the real Cochin. Under this homestay concept, you live at the home of a local family, who will show you around and help you arrange tours and activities.

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You could be visiting many different sites for the ideal office, including Westminister. If this sounds familiar then you could be interested in knowing what Westminister can offer and why it would be the ideal location for your company.

Keeping this in mind, why not take a look at a list of advantages for taking Westminister office space, put together by the professionals at officespacefinders.com:

It's definitely apparent that Westminister has a lot to offer a start-up firm but it also has quite a bit to offer customers too as it has facilities that could impress them and make them want to sign with your business. These might be local restaurants and attractions or even Westminister entrepreneurial parks, which could demonstrate that your company is serious. After all, you want to give the right impression to your clients and the first thing that they are going to notice and assess is your locale and the look of your office plan.

Westminister is a super area to hold discussions with clients or business functions because it has a selection of well known restaurants, which are all based within the Westminister district. This means that, a Westminister office could make the ideal base for a firm requiring to give on an impressive persona by inviting clients to trendy places to eat. This is certainly true for advertising executives, media firms or even hefty organisations that are constantly searching for new business. However, whatever business you operate, the restaurants in Westminister could be great news for networking and making the most of leads.

Because Westminister is in a great location with the closest airport being only a quick drive away, it is in an exceptionally convenient position if your staff need to go abroad on planes a lot. For instance, you may have staff that need to make regular trips to your foreign office or that need to attend national conferences based around your particular industry. If it is the case that this is expected of you regularly, you may feel more at ease knowing that the airport is available if you need it. If you also have clients visiting your office regularly for sales meetings or account updates then it is nice to know that they can navigate their way to the office at speed.

It can be quite costly to hire office space, so if you are unhappy with how much it costs to rent your office space then you may be searching for new Westminister offices. Well there are a variety of different offices in Westminister that heavily vary in price, depending on your individual budgetry needs. As a result, you are sure to find an office in Westminister at a price you are happy with. As a result, if your lease agreement is about to run out, SW1 office space from officespacefinders.com could fulfil your needs and be affordable.

As many Westminister residents will attest, the locality has a good number of public transport links, which is the best thing for commuting staff. Even though this network can't be said to be the best, it is very convenient if you work in Westminister or are planning to take an office in the Westminister area and are uneasy about your employees making their way to the office. In fact, the public transport in Westminister is also ideal for prospective clients who may be travelling into your office. But make sure that you are aware of not deciding to settle on an office that is inaccessible to workers and customers.

Being situated in a good spot is fundamental for many businesses and one significant reason is that it is very beneficial to be situated near to similar businesses and suppliers. This is clever because without a network of links to other businesses a company can feel out of touch and far away from clients. Just imagine if your company needs office supplies or even specialist equipment that is specific to your industry, then being in the right location could be very convenient. That is why a lot of companies have decided to take offices in the centre of Westminister rather than some isolated location in the outskirts, it just makes more sense.

If your office is a bit outdated and doesn't include many modern fittings then it might not be suitable for you anymore. For example, it may not have a good number of power sockets and wiring, which means that you might not be able to carry out your company functions as and when required. Furthermore a run-down office may not be a good idea if you are hoping to impress clients - it could give them the wrong impression about your company. You may want to instil confidence in a client, which your old office may not do, in which case there is a vast selection of modern offices in Westminister that can meet your needs with flair.

After reading this article you will have a better idea of what Westminister can offer and should know whether it is the best potential location for your new office space.

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Hong Kong is a magnificent region of China and a significant draw for many travelers looking to explore various cultures and international customs. Made up of over 200 islands, this great city has a po[censored] tion that exceeds seven million people one city!

Located in Eastern Asia, Hong Kong is situated near the South China Sea. It was in 1997 that the city was returned to China after being leased to Great Britain this was quite an event and cause for celebration for the Chinese people. Previously fearful of losing their country completely to Great Britain, citizens threw parties for weeks afterward. Now, although neither its own country nor technically a city, it is referred to as a region of China.

The official languages of Hong Kong are Chinese and English, as many residents speak both fluently. Most foreigners actually do not have any difficulty with communication there because the Chinese po[censored] tion tends to speak a number of languages due to business and other pragmatic reasons. The type of money used is the Hong Kong dollar you should always check the exchange rate at the time of travel.

This location in China is known to be a very modern region with wonderful food, energetic and hard working people, plenty of shopping areas that rival some of the most po[censored] r in the world, and local customs that will draw anyone into their vibrant area.

In fact there is so much to do and see, it can be difficult to know where to get started. If you travel to there and plan to do some shopping, look around and compare prices first. Depending on where you are at the time, you could be charged a whole lot more than even going to a similar market on a street one block away.

There is a great public transportation system throughout the land, which uses the Octopus payment card. This card is essential to getting around town as almost everyone pays transportation fees from it, except for taxi cabs. It can even be used at restaurants, convenience stores, and for almost any other imaginable purchases.

When you travel to this part of the world, there is much to be seen, so start slowly and take your time so you don t miss essentials while trying to catch everything. Definitely include Hong Kong Island on your itinerary, which is the most urbanized district. Kowloon is also a great spot to take a day trip. It offers the best view of the skyline and is one of the most po[censored] ted cities in the world.

The Chinese government and its citizens are very conservative, so be on your best behavior at all times to enjoy the beautiful country on their terms. It wasn t long ago that very few visitors were even allowed into China from the outside and you had to jump through hoops to get a Visa to travel there.

Make sure to take a train through the land as well, allowing you the opportunity to restfully enjoy everything that this region has to offer. From fabulous food to amazing culture, you can hardly go wrong visiting Hong Kong.

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Facing a high-profile crisis could have serious ramifications for your company for years to come. When a crisis situation arises, you will need to act right away to put your crisis management plan into full swing. Form a response team in advance of such a potential future situation and conduct the proper crisis media training.

Here are 5 tips for training your response team effectively on how to prepare for interfacing with the media in crisis situations:

Tip #1: Mobilize your media crisis response effort as soon as the crisis arises: In the era of when traditional media like TV, radio and print dominated, negative publicity about companies spread like wildfire. In today's wired world of the Internet, viral videos and text messaging, such news literally spreads at light speed. With the ability to produce and spread news and gossip lying in the hands of the general public, it is imperative that your response team act swiftly to get out the right message about your position on the issue at hand. The history of PR is littered with companies who waited too long to respond credibly and promptly to a crisis situation and ended up paying the consequences with a damaged reputation and lost sales.

Tip #2: Understand first, respond second: It is important that your team not just fire off a knee-jerk response or quickly take an official position on a newly-released media story or viral campaign that portrays your company in a negative light. As any seasoned media veteran will tell you, perception equals reality. Stated another way, in the world of PR there is no distinction between perception and misperception. The way the public perceives a breaking story is precisely the reality that your message needs to address.

Tip #3: Get the facts: Just as it is when meeting new people, it holds true for crisis management that you only get one chance to make a first impression. The last thing you want to do when making media statements is to come across as unsure, nervous, or uninformed about the facts or about your official position on the situation. Instead, be sure to spend ample time separating the facts from the fiction about a developing crisis and how it is being spun in the media.

Tip #4: Master the art of the sound bite: Regardless of how well you control your message and choose your words in your public communications, the media will find ways to break it into sound bites that they can easily use in broadcasted news segments or quote in print. There are ways you can learn to effectively serve up these sound bites to the media so that you can better control the message that reaches the public. Remember, it is not what you say to the media but rather what they choose to report on that becomes the news. Master the art of creating effective sound bites in order to gain better control over how your message is received.

Tip #5: Practice media interviews in advance with a hands-on television crew: There is no better way to polish a skill than by actually doing it over and over again in a realistic setting. You cannot get any more realistic than actually hiring a professional television crew to interview you in preparation for a media statement. Sound like overkill? Think again. Imagine the confidence your spokesperson will feel after having rehearsed your media statement two or three times in front of an aggressive (mock) reporter while the cameras are rolling! By the time the actual media statement is made, your spokesperson will come across as cool, confident, and in control.

Preparing a crisis media training plan will significantly increase your organization's ability to position itself in the best-possible light. The control your organization has over your message all comes down to mobilizing your team quickly, understanding current public perception about the situation, separating fact from fiction, mastering the art of the sound bite, and rehearsing in a realistic setting.

anthonyBarnum is an Austin-based PR firm that has conducted crisis response training for international, U.S., and Texas-based clients. You can contact Melissa Anthony, founder of anthonyBarnum, by visiting: www.anthonybarnum.com
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Would you believe there are actually actually very simple actions on ways to win the lottery? Of course, if an individual mentioned to you about becoming an instant millionaire, you'd first and foremost think about winning the lottery. Winning the lottery isn't necessarily all luck. While it's really a game of chance and there's in all probability 99 percent luck involved, that 1 percent is all about applying the appropriate approaches in choosing your numbers.

Realize Your Odds

1st, you must understand that millions of individuals spend massive amounts of money in lottery tickets everyday. You can't stay away from the fact that obtaining more tickets indicates you increase the odds of hitting the jackpot, not randomly deciding upon your numbers. Though you everybody technically has a chance of winning and you may win from randomly choosing a number, that is like the opportunity of finding hit by lightning. It may never ever occur unless you do it suitable within the very first location, as do millions of other folks could possibly already be realizing.

Know The best way to Win The Lottery Using the Basics

You'll find many rules that apply to buying lottery tickets and even playing the game. But the most necessary rule is that it's essential to be a minimum of 18 years old. The usual play card can comprise of up to 5 separate one-dollar bets on pick-6 lotto. Wagering odds and actual prize payouts can differ from one game to the next, based on many aspects. Typical prize payouts are pari-mutuel and depend on the sum of the ticket sales and quantity of winners in a particular drawing.

Use A Wheeling Technique

For those who maintain asking yourself why other players appear to generally win the lottery, here it is actually: the wheeling program. As mentioned earlier, it is not all about luck. In fact, majority of the lottery winners utilized a dynamic and effective approach, which may be the wheeling method. What the system does is boost your chances in hitting the jackpot. It truly is mainly because it involves the organizing of your lottery game.

The wheeling program gives you with the energy of mathematics. You will must organize picked numbers in a group to develop all probable combination's to hit pick 6 lotto. Ascertain you make use of a clean piece of paper so almost everything is easy to read and arrange. For those who notice that the majority of the numbers you choose are a member of the winning numbers, then you are certain sufficient to have far more than a single winning ticket.

Follow The Golden Rule

So tips on how to win the lottery this time around? Regardless of which strategy you use there is a general rule to follow (aside from the technical ones mentioned earlier). You will want to have self-discipline, [censored] verance as well as a plan which you feel works finest for you. These are extra factors that players need to account for the try to win much more usually. There are various unique players who have been on the game for years and have been profitable consistently. So to take into consideration it, that 1 percent of operate you put in to your game alongside luck can mean millions for you the subsequent day!

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