My journey to repair my credit report began with a surprise– I discovered that credit scores are taken from two sources and they are not equal.

The first source is the obvious and that is the traditional credit cards –visa, MasterCard, American Express etc. I thought this is where the main assessment on my credit rating would be made.

However I had not taken into account the credit area of Store Cards such as Wal-Mart in the US and Harrods in the UK and a Myer in Australia. These store cards can do more damage to a credit rating than the traditional credit cards and if ignored the efforts to repair my credit report would be seriously affected. I had indulgently extended myself in this area and now was suffering unexpected consequences.

When I got access to my credit report it surprised me to see how badly I had been rated and for the first time I began to question some of the conclusions on the report. I learned to dispute items and entries that were unfair and even unjust and this was another stage in the journey to repair my credit report.

I discovered that over seventy percent of credit reports contain errors. So I became pro active and even hired a professional credit card service to work on my behalf. While this added costs to my journey and I wanted to retain affordable credit repair it was still worth it to get some of the unfair statements removed from the report. So don’t be the victim you can challenge a report.

Now the acid test about your serious intent to get credit repair is how you handle existing credit cards.If you avoid using cards with outstanding balances. These balances, if extended, gives an immediate signal to the reporting agency and your rating will automatically get worse as a response.

If it is possible you should transfer all the existing balances to another card which has a lower interest rate which then, as a consequence, means that you now have lower monthly repays. When you do this a positive message is transmitted through the system and can even expect a better rating from this one single effort.

While we all want instant credit repair the reality is you are on a journey and while this journey will not be instant it can speeded up by doing the basics. Basics such as committing yourself to on time payments. Charting your expenses by keeping records for very transaction over a few dollars. Using all the free credit repair report help you can find and also using credit repair agencies to give you that extra mileage.

Your personal health can be adversely affected by overhanging debt threat and credit refusal. To efficiently do a credit history repair you need to push all the buttons and while the initial effort may be painful I have discovered that the final result for credit card repair has given me a boost in my mental and physical health.

Copyright 2009 Leonard Greenhall

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