A great interior design can make a huge difference to a room and to the furniture and items you have there. Really a room is just four walls and a floor and on its own most of them are much of a muchness. It's when you add the extra personal touches then and decide where you are going to put your belongings that it really comes alive, becomes personal and gains some personality.

Meanwhile your interior design is of course responsible for how you use the room, for how practical it is, and for what you can do in it. If you want space to place with the dog on the carpet you need to make space. If you want to watch lots of TV you need to angle the seating toward the television.

While every interior design will be different, designing a living room generally means creating a space for relaxing, enjoying TV and socializing and to this end there are some basics that will apply in more situations. Here we will look at some tips for creating a good interior design for the room you'll probably spend most time in.

Utilizing Sections

Utilizing sections means thinking of your living as not necessarily one large space with a single function, but rather a room where you can create several smaller areas for doing different things. For instance it's hard to make a living room that's conducive to both watching TV and socializing, but you can create areas for each. This is particularly useful as well when you have a large get together as it allows your guests to section off into groups and chat undisturbed. To use sections properly however you will of course need a large enough room to begin with.

Keep it Minimal

This is a piece of interior design advice that can apply to really any room – which is to keep your rooms as minimalistic as possible. The reason that this is advisable is firstly that it's very modern and contemporary and a sure way to make your home look up to date, and secondly that it makes it much easier to keep everything clean and tidy and grants more importance to the items you do decide to include rather than having a busy and cluttered feel.

Use Coffee Tables

When it comes to living room design, coffee tables are very much your friends. This is because they provide a great place to stand drinks and food – which is highly convenient – but without getting in the way of your visual field meaning that you have more designs you can implement where everyone can still see the television and each other wherever they choose to seat themselves in the room.

Open Space

Another thing that is important to remember in your living rooms is to make a lot of open space. This goes hand in hand with the minimalist approach and will again make your rooms feel larger, lighter and more modern. At the same time though too, using open spaces means you can do more in the room whether it's standing up talking over a drink or playing with the kids. It's a living room after all – you want to be able to live in it.

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